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Child abuse is one of the biggest social problems in the world. It affects millions of children every year. From neglect to emotional and physical abuse, to sexual abuse, these children need to be protected. The best way to do that is to prevent it from starting. People need to be educated and aware of the problem. Programs that offer safety for these children need to be promoted.

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Children who are being abused often hide it. If their life has always had abuse in it, they may think it is normal. Education programs in schools letting them know abuse is never to be tolerated and where to go for help has had a tremendous impact on the number of children coming forward to report.

We all need to watch out for children. Our own children as well as those of others. It is not just parents who abuse children. It can be other children, grandparents, and child care providers. We all have the responsibility to make sure the needs of every child are met and that they are safe. Approximately 75% of child abuse cases go unreported, even though someone is aware or suspects it.

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The Collation Against Family Violence is an organization that promotes positive parenting skills. The work with at risk families to establish boundaries and goals. They also explore alternatives to abuse including taking a time out for them before dealing with their children. They also have a 24 hour hotline for help any time with a particular situation or if you just need to talk.

The Child Abuse Prevention Association helps children who have been the victims of abuse and their families cope with the issues and move forward in positive ways. Children who are victims of abuse run a high risk of being in an intimate relationship where they are abused or they abuse their own children. The goal of this organization is to find positive ways for the children to deal with what has happened and break that cycle from continuing in their future.

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